Some words by way of introduction

Isaac, 24, aspiring artist, student at UoM.

Initially I studied Art & Design and Fine Arts at MCAST for six years. I wasn’t very successful at that. I took a year off to live in Venice to do an Internship at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and work as a studio assistant to Brooklyn artist Victor Matthews. Coming back to Malta I jumped on the wonderful Blitz wagon, which I have sporadically adorned with a helping hand ever since.

My interest in making this platform is two-fold: for me to get over myself—over the fear of what people think—and most importantly to contribute to the local art scene, to the dialogue I wish happens more often, more openly and with respect. Although my interests are broad, I will only focus on visual arts, at least for now, meaning I will invite people to contribute.

Initially my hesitation to publish my thoughts was that I did not think I’m good enough. A trepidation to express myself publicly was a mixture of what people might have to say between themselves, the fear of being ignored or being seen as inexpert or outright ignorant. My worst nightmare was to be made to express or justify my views in person, where I’m sure to falter, social awkwardness in gear. I feel it is time, in my mid-twenties, to try, not expect much and see what happens.

Art for me means a lot, and nothing. I won’t bother with too much detail, but I’ve always loved artists like Kiefer for this reason: their art is consciously made to be degradable, they won’t sacrifice ideas for the sake of preservation or legacy. Making art for me is making ideas into flesh—those ideas the product of a person who in turn is a product of his or her collective experiences within a society, and that society itself another product of. It is the exploration of those ideas, not the person; how they might have come about and what they might teach us, is what makes art worthwhile.

Malta is my home, however much I despise things that make up living in it. It is a fascinating culture and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. This platform will only focus on local projects, including projects that have initiated in Malta and exported or initiated abroad and imported. Ultimately, this platform aims to focus on Malta and what makes Malta and what we have to say about it.

Anyone is free to contribute. Since I made this up, I will play editor until someone better for the job comes along, and will determine whether pieces of criticism, reviews and other pieces of writing are relevant or good enough for me. Ideas and suggestions are very welcome, as is feedback and any help. This being a platform dedicated to criticism, feel free to criticise back too.

Here’s to making something happen!


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